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PFSA (Personal Finance Scenario Analyzer) is a small, convenient application for iPhone that allows you to perform a number of financial calculations. These include compound interest, present value, future value, loan terms, and of course tips!

We know, the name could be better.

Where can I get it?

iTunes Link: [ PFSA]

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First, let's talk about Compound Interest.

In this example, I set the initial investment to 1000.00. The interest rate I plan to earn is 12%, and I plan to wait for 25 years before I run off to Switzerland. In this case, as you can see, I'll have 19788.47 (for a profit of 18788.47).

Now, we need a little Present Value.

Here, I have a bond for 10000.00 that I can redeem in 5 years. I plan to earn 7.5%. The present value of that bond is 6965.59.

Next, let's consider Future Value.

I want to retire in 20 years. I plan (like Warren Buffet) to average 12% for my investments. When I retire, I want to have 1.2 million to help fund my plans for world domination. If I contribute monthly (and the interest is calculated at the same rate), I need to put add 1213.03 each month for the next 20 years. Nice dreams.

Never sign for one, until you know all the numbers for a Loan.

This is the canonical loan calculation. Given a loan of 175000.00 -- house or Ferrari, doesn't matter -- and the interest rate is 4.5%, and with a plan to pay it off in 15 years, which of course is the 180 months you see here, one would have to pay a mere 1338.74 per month.

Don't be greedy. Tip your server.

You can't live without a tip calculator. Turn your iPhone into Seinfeld's dad's Willard. Whip it out and impress everyone. The current US standard tip is 15%, so that's the default. Change it as you wish. In the example shown, we ate well and had some wine, so our bill is 130.00. Tipping the standard 15% gives us a total bill of 149.50.

It's Just an App!

Note the results of PFSA are for informational and educational purposes only. Don't depend on the answer you get here as being precise, but it is a close approximation!

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